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As a part of continuous development of ICT industry experts, Teleaus conduct various exclusive and comprehensive hands on professional developments trainings and workshops for building expert resources fit for telecom market to deliver NBN standards projects.

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Whatever next? The trends that could influence business in 2019

Wherever you look, the future is about technology – the way we invest, care for our health and even how we grow our food. We take a look at where technology might take us in 2019.

By Business View
The pace of change is making the extraordinary seem ordinary. This year we’ve seen the first direct non-stop flight between Perth and London, the first cloned monkeys and the world’s first US$1 trillion business – achievements that would have sounded like science fiction just a short time ago. So, what of next year?

We know that, regardless of how they play out, world trade and Brexit will affect financial markets. Every new Volvo car will have an electric motor. And hundreds of robots will descend on Sydney to compete for RoboCup trophies in the world’s biggest annual robotic event.

Here, we take a look at what else might be in store for Austra...

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This is our pleasure to let everyone know that TELEAUS is making the difference by building resources to deliver nbn Business on Demand. This really is an excellent opportunity for the candidates to obtain hands on expertise on nbn Fibre design rules, tools and platforms. Moreover, TELEAUS trainings are now recognised in Australian market as a unique approach of providing nbn Design Delivery training. This helps a lot for those candidates who want to get job quickly.

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